Avro Translation


Translating Schemas to and from Avro

The schema and data translators inspect your classpath to determine which version of avro you are using and require you have the matching pegasus `data-avro-\` adapter module in your classpath.

For example, if you are using avro 1.6, you must add a dependency on the pegasus `data-avro-1_6` module:


If you are using avro 1.4, it’s adaptor module is included by default so you don’t need to depend on it explicitly.

Schema translation is implemented by the `com.linkedin.data.avro.SchemaTranslator` class.

For example, to convert from a avro schema, do:

DataSchema pegasusDataSchema = SchemaTranslator.avroToDataSchema(avroSchema, options);  

And to convert to an avro schema, do:

Schema avroSchema = SchemaTranslator.dataToAvroSchema(pegasusDataSchema, options);  

Translating Data to and from Avro

Data translation is implemented by the `com.linkedin.data.avro.DataTranslator` class. Translating data requires that one has schemas for both formats (.avsc and .pdsc). Please see above section section about translating schemas for details. Once both schemas are available, data can be converted.

For example, to convert avro data, do:

DataTranslator.dataMapToGenericRecord(data, pegasusDataSchema,
avroSchema); // for dataMaps  
// OR  
GenericRecord avroRecord = DataTranslator.dataMapToGenericRecord(recordTemplate.data(), recordTemplate(), avroSchema); // for record templates  

And to convert from avro data, do:

DataMap pegasusData = genericRecordToDataMap(avroRecord, pegasusDataSchema, avroSchema);